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Help Protect & Provide Housing For Bats

Bats have a bad reputation and are often feared, but the only ones who should fear them are mosquitoes and pesky insects.

They play an essential role in pest control for crops and backyards, as well as pollination.

But their population is declining due in part to habitat loss.

Watch the video below to see how we are helping. For a limited time, if you complete all the steps, The Rainforest Site will fund the equivalent of 21.7 square feet of protected habitat.


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1 Watch the video:

2 Bats only live in caves.

3 More help is needed:

Bats need our help now more than ever.

Trees are rapidly disappearing due to deforestation and wildfires. These mammals need a safe place to rest after spending all night consuming thousands of insects.

Gift a wooden bat house and give bats a place to call home. The bat houses will be attached to buildings and trees and act as a replacement when bats can’t find natural habitat.

While your completion of these three steps has helped to fund the equivalent of 21.7 square feet of protected habitat, please consider purchasing a bat house for bats in need.

  • Single bat house (1 bat) provides a bat house with one cell and notches in the wood, which allows a better grip and the bat can enter more easily. The notches also provide a good place to hang on the box’s facade. It’s perfect for smaller species of bats.
  • The multiple bat house (2 bats) is made of pine and has two cells for bats with the same notches in the wood as the single bat house. Bats can easily enter and exit and the larger size can house a variety of bats.

You will not receive a shipment from this purchase. We will facilitate the donation directly with qualifying organizations on your behalf.

* Monthly gifts are processed through our Animal Rescue Site store