Help Protect and Save Birds

Help Protect and Save Birds

National Bird Day is January 5, and the purpose of the holiday is to raise awareness to the plight of birds.

Birds play an essential role in rebuilding and sustaining healthy ecosystems, but countless species are facing extinction due to habitat loss.

One in eight bird species to be exact.

The devastating wildfires and hurricanes last year have only made the situation worse.

Watch the video below to see how we can help the threatened birds. For a limited time, if you complete all the steps, The Rainforest Site will fund the equivalent of 21.7 square feet of protected habitat.


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how you can do more...

1 Watch the video:

2 1,200 bird species are facing extinction over the next century due to severe habitat loss.

3 More help is needed:

Birds are rapidly disappearing in North America. There are 2.9 billion fewer birds today than there were 50 years ago. That’s a 29% decline!

But you can help.

Gift a birdhouse to wildlife organizations and sanctuaries to encourage birds to stay in areas devastated by fires and floods and give them a safe place to call home.

While your completion of these three steps has helped to fund the equivalent of 21.7 square feet of protected habitat, please consider purchasing a birdhouse for birds in need.

Protect and save birds by gifting a birdhouse, roosting pocket or nesting supplies!

  • A small shelter gives shelter for a bird to stay safe. Made out of reed grass it is especially favored by non-migrating song-birds during the winter months. This roosting pocket provides natural ventilation and drainage, and is designed to blend into natural surroundings, while the rough exterior provides an easy entry and exit for the birds.
  • A medium shelter can be hung from a hook, tree or nailed to a post for use by several birds. With a sturdy roof, it provides protection from the elements for these delicate creatures. A small post provides an easy perch for the birds to look out from and allows for easy exit and entry.
  • A large shelter can house a bird, its nest, and eggs. A clear panel allows bird watchers to observe birds and the nesting process close up. Perfect for learning, the suction cups attach to a window for a front row view. The slanted roof helps keep its occupants dry.
  • A birdie bell that holds natural colored materials preferred by North American nesting birds. This holder stands up to any type of weather, and can also hold fruit, seed bells, or more material meant for nesting.

You will not receive a shipment from this purchase. We will facilitate the donation directly with qualifying organizations on your behalf.

* Monthly gifts are processed through our Animal Rescue Site store