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Save Northern Rocky Mountain Wolves

Federal protections have just been restored for gray wolves across much of the United States, but wolves in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming remain in the crosshairs.

A political compromise made years ago carved out an exception in those states — and wolves are paying with their lives.

So far this season, hunters have fatally shot more than 20 gray wolves who wandered outside the Yellowstone National Park borders.

That’s more Yellowstone wolves brutally killed than in any season since the species was reintroduced to the region in 1995.

And the slaughter is just getting started.

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2 Gray wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains are still in danger.

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Thanks to an emergency petition by the Center for Biological Diversity, the Biden administration announced that wolves across the West may once again warrant federal protection, which would put them off limits to hunting and trapping.

Wolves are an iconic species of the wild. It's why we love them so much and are heartbroken at news of each wolf killed or pack torn apart.

You can help with a donation to the Wolf Defense Fund.

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