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Save America's Gray Wolves

Nothing embodies the spirit of the wild like a wolf.

Sadly, America’s gray wolves are under attack once again.

States have ramped up their attacks on these loyal, pack-oriented creatures instead of protecting them.

Hundreds have already been killed and thousands more could be shot on sight, poisoned in their dens, and trapped - including pups.

The slaughter of gray wolves is already occurring in Idaho, Montana, Wisconsin, and Alaska.

Complete the following three steps and, for a limited time, GreaterGood will fund the protection of 21.8 square feet of wildlife habitat.


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Gray wolves were exterminated in most of the U.S. in the 1900’s due to overhunting and trapping.

New extreme hunting laws in Idaho and Montana make it easier to kill wolves by using painful snares and chasing them with snowmobiles. Wisconsin hunters are pushing for a second wolf hunt this year, and it’s been open season on gray wolves in Alaska for years.

History is about to repeat itself, unless we come together to protect the iconic and vital species.

It has taken four decades for wolves to start to recover and unless they are reinstated to the Endangered Species Act, we could lose them once again.

The Center for Biological Diversity is fighting for the protection of wolves in each state.

Time is running out - donate now to help save gray wolves!

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